Visible scars impact a person’s self-confidence. It can be embarrassing to be aware that people’s eyes are drawn to look at your facial scars. It is important that those who are living with these scars find the most effective treatment, whether the scars are the result of severe cases of acne, trauma, stretch marks, or are injury-related hypertrophic (non-keloidal) scars, such as from burns, cuts, blemishes, piercings or other injuries.

It is important that you speak to a highly-skilled professional who has access to the most current technology. At Touch and Glow® MedSpa, we are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced treatments for effective scar removal

Treating Facial Scars

  • Chemical Peels: Various formulations of chemical peels could be one element in an effective scar removal treatment.

  • Laser Treatments: A non-surgical laser treatment may be employed as one part of a custom scar removal.


Yes, the scar reduction is permanent.

Laser beams work on the principle of producing micro-injuries in the deeper layers of skin, thus stimulating new collagen formation and making the scar shallow and narrower with each subsequent sitting.

The procedure feels like snapping of rubberband and usually tolerated well by most of the patients. But for sensitive individuals and at higher fluence levels, topical anesthesia with mixture of lidocaine and prilocaine for 60 minutes prior to the procedure may be needed. As an alternative, cold air or ice may be used to minimize discomfort.

No serious side-effects or complications are noted post-treatment, however some patients may get redness and inflammation over the treated area which is self-limiting and settles overnight. Ice compresses may be applied to the treatment areas to speed up recovery and to make you more comfortable

Scar revision requires 3 to 5 sittings while stretch mark reduction requires 6 to 8 sittings.

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1. Keep your skin clean and moisturized (especially the treated areas)
After fractional scar treatment, the skin’s integrity is usually compromised, making it vulnerable to bacteria and dirt. It is of utmost importance that the aftercare is done properly to the treated areas of the skin.

It is safe to wash your face a few hours after the acne scar treatment, unless advised otherwise. Be sure to use a mild cleanser without acids and exfoliating particles twice a day. Apply a light moisturizer after cleansing to prevent the skin from drying out and delaying the healing process.

If your doctor has prescribed topical medication after treatment, it is important to follow the instructions for application during the recovery period.

2. Sunavoidance/Sunscreen
Post-treatment, it is vitally important for sun avoidance. This is to reduce the risk of post-treatment hyperpigmentation, which are dark marks that are formed over the areas of treated skin. Sunscreen should also be applied only 24 hours after treatment.

3. Avoid make-up post treatment
Refrain from wearing makeup for at least 24 hours following the acne scar treatment. Makeup may impede the healing process by entering the wounds on your skin and being a source of infection. In addition, the ingredients within cosmetics have a potential to cause further irritation to the skin.

After 72 hours (3 days), light makeup may be applied to but it is safer to only start your full routine after all the scabs have healed.

4.Applying skincare actives only as advised.
Topical retinoids and exfoliants should be withheld until the initial skin healing process is complete, usually 7 to 10 days post-procedure.

5. Avoid picking at the skin after treatment
Scabs may form after fractional laser treatments. These may remain on the face from 5 to 10 days later. Picking at these scabs will only delay the healing process and increase the risk of infection and scar formation.

The results speak for themselves!
Scar Removal before and after 2 weeks after initial treatment

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