Unlike uv tanning, a sunless tan is created using dha (dihydroxyacetone acetone) or as we call it, “the active tan ingredient.” no harmful rays are necessary to create a gorgeous fake tan as dha reacts with the top layer of the skin to create a golden brown. The tan is temporary because it is only on the top layer of skin cells and will fade as your skin cells turn over, a very natural process.

So what makes our spray tan solution unique? all dha comes from sugar, but ours is the highest quality dha on the market. The dha is derived from beets that have been organically harvested. this combined with a gentle water base allows us to tan all clients, even those with the most sensitive skin, breastfeeding and pregnant moms included.

Our tan is natural looking, long-lasting, Certified Vegan and made with organic ingredients that leave you with a sun kissed glow Gluten free. Great for all skin types. Customized to each client‘s skin. 


Starting at $35. Add-ons available.


  • Skip the body lotion on the day of your appointment. Your skin should be completely clean and dry for best results.
  • Exfoliate with Clean Slate or a loofa prior to coming in for your appointment. This will promote even coverage and lengthen the duration of your tan.
  • Wax before your appointment, if necessary. Shaving and threading are OK after the tan.
  • Dress to your comfort level, wearing as much or as little as you prefer during the tan. Most choose to wear underwear or a swimsuit. Men are required to wear shorts or a swimsuit.
  • Dark, loose fitting cotton clothing (avoid dry clean only items) is best to dress in following your tan.
  • Plan to stay dry (avoid showering, working out, contact with water, sweating) for 7 hours following your appointment.

Yes! You can return to work or go right out without looking or feeling sticky. If you feel the need to put on makeup, mineral (powder) makeup is OK, but just remember that you must keep your skin dry while your tan is still developing.

You may shower 7 hours after your appointment. You can shower as early at 5 hours for a slightly lighter version of your tan, or 6 to 7 hours for a fully developed tan. You will not continue to develop a tan after seven hours, so you can shower whenever is most convenient.
With proper care, your tan should last anywhere from 8 to 10 days.
Hot tubs are one of the quickest ways to completely fade your tan. When a client asks us how to remove a spray tan, we advise them to soak in a hot bath. This loosens up dead skin and allows for much easier removal of a spray tan. When you add chlorine to the hot water, you can count on your tan disappearing, and quick! Swimming for prolonged periods in chlorinated pools can cause the tan to fade quicker, simply because chlorine dries the skin out so badly. If you’re headed on vacation and plan to be hitting the pool, or a sandy beach, we always recommend bringing along 4 things; SUNSCREEN because a spray tan doesn’t offer any SPF, an exfoliating mitt for dry skin, our Colour Me Dark self tanner for touch ups, and a hydrating moisturizer to keep you skin (and your tan) happy.
Bar soaps, products with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) (body wash is a big culprit here), mineral oil as well as petroleum based products will all contribute to your tan fading more rapidly. Products with alcohol, synthetic fragrance and any skin care products with Alpha Hydroxy, Glycolic or Salicylic Acid, Retin-A & Retinol will fade your tan more quickly as well. Remember to ask your airbrush artist about Organic Tan’s SunnaTan body washes, lotions & extenders to help extend the tan and leave you with even, glowing & hydrated skin.

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We are honored to have been named best Medspa in Glendale, AZ. We thank our valued clients who continue to support our family owned business and also welcome you to our family! 
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  • TAN RESULTS can be expected when you let your tan develop for a FULL 24 HOURS.
  • Avoid any skin to skin contact prior to your first rinse. Be especially mindful of your hands.
  • SWEATING: avoid any activity that would result in sweating until after your initial rinse.
  • SLEEPING: Wear loose, dark clothing to bed. The bronzer may rub off on your bedding and clothing, however, nothing will stain. Do not rest your fingertips on your face or body, and limit skin-to-skin physical contact with others (cuddling, breastfeeding) to avoid colour transfer. Socks and mittens can help prevent color transfer to hands/feet.
  • HANDS: wash your PALMS 30 minutes after your tan, pat dry and lightly moisturize your hands with a tan safe lotion.
  • SHOWER at the recommended time instructed by your airbrush artist ( Advanced Solution: 12-24 hours, Quickie Tan 4-6 Hours, Clear Solution 1-5 Hours)
  • Do NOT wait longer than you have been advised to avoid over processing. (The bronzer, not your tan, will rinse off during your first shower.) You may not see any colour after your first rinse, do not panic!
  • This is a RINSE ONLY, do not use any soaps until 24 HOURS after your tan. YOU WILL CONTINUE TO DARKEN AFTER YOUR FRIST RINSE, your full tan will appear at 24 HOURS.
  • PAT your skin dry and avoid any excessive rubbing with your towel.
  • You can still shave while you have a tan; however we do not recommend doing it daily. Always use a new razor and  Coconut Oil to act as a buffer between the razor and your skin.
  • Use our mild hydrating body wash, for the duration of your tan. Do not use soaps and body wash with synthetic fragrances containing alcohol.
  • MOISTURIZE twice a day with an alcohol-free, paraben-free lotion. Use lotions that are without synthetic fragrance and alcohol. Face cleansers and moisturizers containing salicylic acid and/ or benzoyl peroxide are not recommended. We always recommend our Tan safe Products.
  • PROLONG your tan by using easy to use sunless tanning extenders, or use them on their own for a DIY glow.
  • Spray perfume on your clothes, rather than directly onto your skin.
  • Your airbrush tan does not protect you from the sun. Please use an alcohol-free sunscreen.
  • When your tan is beginning to fade, use  exfoliating glove to help even out your skin tone and prep for your next airbrush tan.
  • Many people wonder “can you put makeup over a fresh spray tan?”. However, like any moisture, you want to try and avoid applying any makeup for at least 6 to 8 hours after a spray tan. Applying makeup or any other types of moisturizer can alter the color of a fresh spray tan or cause blotches.
  • AVOID CHEMICALS AND ADHESIVES: Avoid harsh chemicals such as chlorine, products containing acids, massages, fashion tape, bandages, and anything else that may strip your tan. 

The results speak for themselves!
Tan before and after 2 weeks after initial treatment

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