At Touch and Glow Med Spa we offer Skin tag removal designed to help restore, enhance and refresh your skin, for an elegant you.

Skin tags are small flaps of loose skin that often resemble deflated balloons in shape and structure. When you first notice a skin tag, it may appear as a tiny lump on the surface of your skin. Although they generally do not grow larger than the size of a pencil eraser, some can become larger, even reaching the size of a grape. Skin tags should not be confused with pimples, moles, or accessory tagus, which are congenital abnormalities present from birth.

Skin tags can easily be removed with a variety of methods like cutting, freezing (cryosurgery) or burning (electrosurgery) with minimal discomfort by the professional staff at Touch and Glow Med Spa.


*Pricing reflects starting price depending on the amount of skin tags.


Treatment time takes approximately 10 to 30 minutes.

Yes! Once a skin growth has been treated it generally never returns. However, if your skin is prone to these types of growths, new ones may still appear elsewhere on your face and body.

While it’s possible to remove a skin tag on your own, we DO NOT advise it. Surgical skin tag removal should only be performed by a medically licensed professional who knows where to cut and how to care for the resulting wound, so it doesn’t bleed excessively or develop an infection.

If you attempt to cut off a skin tag at home, you could very easily misplace the incision, which will result in considerable bleeding. To keep yourself safe, always rely on a medical professional to perform this procedure. An in-office skin tag removal is quick, relatively painless, highly affordable, and, most importantly, safe.

Each person’s pain tolerance is different, so it’s tough to say how much discomfort you may experience during the procedure. That said, most patients report minimal pain with all of the three removal methods discussed above.

At Touch and Glow Spa, we understand that skin tag removal may induce mild to moderate anxiety, especially if you’re worried about the associated discomfort. To help you have the best experience possible, we offer personalized, self-administered nitrous oxide pain management as an add-on to the treatment.

If you have any other questions about skin tag removal and how the procedure works, feel free to contact us with your inquiries or concerns, and we’ll reach out with additional information.

  • A single session is enough to remove skin tags permanently. We offer a 20 minute session so multiple skin tags can be removed in one sitting. If you have a skin tags on only the cheekbones area 1 session may be sufficient.
  • However a full face of skin tags can take more than one session.
  • Session intervals will be two weeks to ensure that the areas treated have healed well.
  • You will be given an approximate number of sessions required at your Consultation.
  • The area will look like mosquito bites after treatment. Scabs will form and will be noticeable.
  • It can take up to 2 weeks for these scabs to fall off.
  • There will also be redness which will take a few days to completely reside.
  • Cryotherapy can cause blisters which will heal in 14 days.
  • There is a risk of minimal scarring, not as much as the initial skin tag.
  • You will be advised to use certain after care products to aid quicker skin healing.
  • Please not that you can use mineral make up or Blemish Balm to conceal the skin whilst healing.

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The best aftercare practices also vary depending on the method used to remove the skin tags.

If your doctor cuts off your skin tags:

  1. Keeping the area around the removal site clean is vital to ensure proper healing.
  2. Your provider may recommend dressing the area with a bandage for up to two days following the procedure.
  3. Afterward, try cleaning the area with soap and water once or twice a day and gently patting it dry with a paper towel.
  4. Avoid using antibacterial soaps or any products with alcohol, peroxide, iodine, or other chemicals, as they can slow healing.
  5. Your provider may also suggest using petroleum jelly or an antibiotic ointment to help prevent infections.

If your skin tags were removed using cryotherapy:

  1. You might experience blistering after the procedure. Do not attempt to puncture or pop any blisters that appear, as this can cause infections and slow the healing process.
  2. Use adhesive bandages to cover any blisters and protect the area until it has healed. Because cryotherapy uses extreme cold as part of the treatment, patients may experience headaches or other body pain for several hours after the procedure.
  3. Any pain will often resolve naturally, but patients can take pain relief medication like acetaminophen to manage discomfort. Otherwise, cryotherapy patients should follow the same cleaning procedures mentioned above.

If you receive electrocautery treatment:

  1. Your doctor will apply a wound dressing to the treated area. Follow your doctor’s instructions for how long to leave the dressing on, and do not remove it before your doctor’s recommendation.
  2. After removing the dressing, a scab will form at the removal site. Do not pick at the scab, as this can reopen the wound and increase the chances of an infection.
  3. Gently wash the area once or twice a day, pat dry, and apply an antibiotic ointment to reduce the risks of an infection forming.

The results speak for themselves!
Skin Tag Removal before and after 2 weeks after initial treatment

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