Radiesse is a filler injected beneath the skin. It’s made up of microscopic spheres of a material known as calcium hydroxylapatite. Those microspheres are suspended within the gel that is injected beneath the skin. The calcium hydroxylapatite in Radiesse is a synthetic form of the same material naturally occurring in your bones. The spheres act as a scaffold, filling wrinkles while allowing your collagen to grow around the spheres. Eventually, the Radiesse is processed out of your body, but the supportive collagen remains.

Typical treatment areas for Radiesse are:

  • Nasolabial folds: Also known as “smile lines,” these creases extend from your nose to the corners of your mouth.
  • Marionette lines: These creases extend downward from your mouth.
  • Chin wrinkles: The lines extending horizontally across your chin.
  • Chin and cheek augmentation: Radiesse acts as a volume implant when aging causes your cheeks and the sides of your chin to look sunken.
  • Corners of the mouth: With age, the corners of your mouth may begin to droop downward. Radiesse restores a perky, youthful mouth contour.
  • Reshaping the nose: Divots, bends, bumps and flat nasal bridges are areas of the nose that can be improved with Radiesse.
  • Aging hands: Your hands begin to lose volume as you age, leading to wrinkled, crepe-paper skin. Tendons, bones and veins are more apparent. Radiesse for hands restores youthful, smooth skin.


One of the great things about Radiesse is that it can be combined with other dermal fillers to achieve the best results for each part of the face and for each individual patient. Dr. Fitzgerald is very skilled at combining fillers in this way, providing a result that is both natural and beautiful. She may also recommend combining Radiesse with BOTOX®, which can add to the duration of both products for pleasing long-term results.

Other benefits of Radiesse include:

  • Provides immediate results
  • Stimulates collagen production for long-term results
  • Clinically proven to last a year or longer
  • No incisions, no sutures
  • No downtime
  • Restores a youthful appearance
Having Radiesse at SetibaMedicalSpa is a true lunchtime procedure. It takes only around 15 minutes for a session.
The only thing to avoid is rubbing the injection locations. This can make the Radiesse migrate to areas where you don’t want it. Give it 24 hours to settle into place.

Radiesse has two facets of its results. First, the gel and the calcium microspheres provide instant volume to the injection sites. Then, as the body eventually absorbs the calcium, this triggers a boost in natural collagen production. This secondary effect isn’t immediate, but it gives Radiesse its enduring results.

Radiesse is the only dermal filler that is composed of calcium-based microspheres that have been shown to stimulate the production of collagen. This is different than most natural fillers that only provide wrinkle support with the initial gel, but don’t encourage new collagen production. Radiesses provides instant filling with the gel and microspheres, and then adds another level of volume with new collagen production. Radiesse also is one of only two dermal fillers approved for use on the back of the hands.

Radiesse is a little thicker than many dermal fillers, so its injection can hurt to different degrees, depending on the patient. But the FDA has approved mixing Lidocaine with Radiesse to alleviate most of this discomfort.

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Immediately after treatment there may be a slight redness, mild swelling, tenderness or an itching sensation or bruising in the treated area. It is normal to feel ‘firmness’ in the treated area for the first few days; over time the area will soften.
This is a normal result of the injection and generally disappears in a few days. If symptoms persist or other reactions occur please contact your physician.

• Apply a cool compress for 10 minutes every hour on the day of treatment
(do not apply ice directly on your skin).
• Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours.
• Do not expose the area to intense heat (e.g. solarium or sauna).

• If palpable nodules should form, you can massage the affected areas to distribute the material
• Avoid pressure on treated areas for the first few nights (i.e. sleep on back if possible).
• Pain relief such as Panadol may be taken if needed to maintain comfort.
• To reduce any bruising, you may wish to apply a topical treatment such as Arnica or Hirudoid cream.

• Avoid alcohol for 24 hours.
• Avoid make-up for at least 12 hours
• Do not use AHA, Retinols/Vitamin C therapy or oil-based make-up for the first 24 hours.
• Avoid facials, facial waxing, Glycolic or AHA peels, IPL or energy-based treatments and microdermabrasion for two weeks after treatment. Please check with your physician before undergoing other facial treatments within this time.
• Do not massage the treated area (unless instructed by your physician).
• There is a small chance that a treatment may induce an outbreak of facial cold sores in patients with previous history of cold sores.

As with all injectable filler treatments there is a very small potential for vascular (blood) flow issues. Signs of this may be changes in skin colour, blanching and/or mottled appearance, pimples, blistering or pain. It must be noted that this can occur either at the injection site or anywhere away from the treated area.

The results speak for themselves!
Radiesse before and after 2 weeks after initial treatment

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